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Episode 5

Episode 5. Sailors and a spoiled brat.


The episode begins with Gunter worrying about Yuri’s well being. He knocks over a vase and worries that means a bad omen. He then backs into another vase which he takes as a sign something really bad will happen. Gwendal walks in and asks Gunter what he was up to. Gunter responds by grabbing Gwendal’s face and exclaiming he had three new wrinkles on his brow. Anissina who had been quietly sitting off to the side asks where Wolfram had run off to. Gunter states he hadn’t seen “Little Lord Brat” any where. Gwendal states that nickname really suits his younger brother, Anissina agrees.


            Meanwhile aboard a cruise liner, a rather sick looking Wolfram is sleeping on top of a bed. He however bolts awake when he hears what he believes to be a suggestive conversation between Conrad and Yuri. Turns out Conrad had been putting contact lenses into Yuri’s eyes. Yuri also dyed his hair brown to hide its black color.


            Conrad notices Wolfram is awake and asks how he’s feeling. Wolfram is still queasy and lays back down again. Conrad chides his younger brother saying this is what he gets for sneaking on board. Conrad then says they should go get breakfast. Wolfram tells them not to mention food since he’s too sick to eat. Yuri concernedly tells Wolfram he should at least eat something, and suggests having Yogurt. Wolfram responds by vomiting into a water basin that had been placed on the bed side table.


            Yuri and Conrad walk out into the hall leaving Wolfram to suffer in peace. The two comment about how Gunter had got them tickets for the luxury liner, and that Wolfram had smuggled himself on board even though he easily got sea sick.


            At that moment an older gentleman and his daughter leave their room some what down the hall. The man takes off his hat to them exposing his shiny bald head and bows to them in greeting. Yuri is weirded out by this. Conrad covers for Yuri’s reaction and says that his “Young master” had never been witness to the Cavalcade style of greeting before.


            The man isn’t offended by Yuri’s reaction and even comments he had heard his fiancé snuck on board to be with him. Yuri is annoyed by this. The man introduces himself as Heathcrife of Missinigh and the girl was his daughter Beatrice.


            Conrad introduces Yuri as the Silk dealer “Mitsuzaemon of Echigo” and that he was a trusted man servant named Kakunosuke. Heathcrife comments that they are rather far from home. Suddenly there is a commotion on deck. Yuri rushes off to go see what’s going on. Conrad starts to say ‘No, your Majesty’ but quickly catches himself. He respectfully bows to Heathcrife and rushes after Yuri.


It turns out the commotion was because a crew man was beating a cabin boy. Yuri tells him to stop what he was doing. The crew man starts to tell Yuri to mind his own business but then realizes he’s talking to a passenger. The crew man apologizes to him for having to witness this, but the cabin boy had mad a foolish mistake.


Conrad tells the crew man that his actions are offensive to his “young master” and gives him some gold coins so he would go away. The cabin boy gets up, bows gratefully to Yuri and Conrad and then runs off to return to his duties. Yuri becomes upset by this because it seems the only way to get people to see reason was to give them money. Conrad tells Yuri they know “That” man could be swayed by money, but that didn’t work with everyone.


Yuri says he had been thinking about his life, and wondered why of all the thing he could be that he became the King of the Demon Tribe. He used to feel he had been unlucky, but now he realizes that there are others who are much more so. Conrad tells Yuri to think that way about the boy they had just helped was rather one sided.


Later that evening all the nobles aboard are attending a party on the deck. Couples are dancing, and people are eating food. However all refuse and uneaten food is thrown to the ground. Yuri is disgusted by this habit. A very large, scary, and rather familiar looking woman runs up to Yuri and asks him to dance with her. However a group of girls start fighting over who will have the first dance with Yuri. Yuri begs Conrad to help him, but Conrad says there’s nothing he can do since Yuri is way too attractive for their world.


Heathcrife fortunately comes to the rescue and suggests that Yuri dance with his daughter. Yuri and Beatrice start to dance. Beatrice comments that this must be Yuri’s first time dancing. This is also her first time dancing as well. Yuri says he’s honored to be her first dance partner and says her father must be a terrific dancer. Beatrice says she remembered how her father and mother would dance for hours staring into each others eyes. She then comments on the odd color of Yuri’s hair and eyes. Yuri realizes one of his contact lenses must have shifted and leaves Beatrice on the dance floor so he could fix it.


Yuri ends up running into Rick the cabin boy on the lower deck. Yuri notices his contact lens had fallen out and franticly tries looking for it with Ricks help. Yuri asks Rick about how hard it must be to a cabin boy. Rick however says he doesn’t think of it as hard, he actually considers himself to be rather lucky. Rick then notices the missing lens on Yuri’s shirt.


When Yuri returns to the cabin, he is attacked by an unidentified flying pillow. The pillow in question had been thrown at him by a rather upset Wolfram who is accusing him of cheating. At that moment however the ship lurches violently causing a tea set on the table to crash to the floor and shatter. Yuri starts panicking and saying they must have hit an ice burg and they need to get off before they go down like the Titanic. Conrad arrives at the state room and is relieved to find the two of them together. He then tells Wolfram and Yuri to hide in the closet and not to come out until they no longer hear any one coming in their direction. Conrad informs them that the ship is under attack by pirates. Wolfram gets up to fight as well, but Conrad pushes him back down and tells him that he needs to protect Yuri. Because if something were to happen to Yuri, the entire Demon Tribe will bitterly weep for their fallen king. Yuri asks Conrad if he would also cry. Conrad however says that he wouldn’t have time for tears because he would be too busy joining him in the next world.


Yuri and Wolfram sit in tense silence as they hear the other passengers panic aboard deck, then silence. Wolfram tells Yuri that if the pirates come for them he shouldn’t resist them because he’s too good looking to kill. Yuri tells Wolfram not to fight them either since he’s even better looking. Wolfram however says as a warrior of the Demon Tribe he can’t survive without a fight.


A couple of pirates enter the room commenting they had heard from the Rick that there were some more passengers in there and that escape was impossible. One of them asks about the guy who thought he would be smart to take them on by himself. The other pirate says he’s probably been executed by now. Yuri realizes they mean Conrad and accidentally nudges a box with his leg. The pirates hear it and start towards the closet. To try and get the pirates to ignore the closet Yuri starts to make a mewing noise like a cat. However instead the pirate panic and think there was a dragon in the closet causing them to get more men.


Yuri is confused by this. Wolfram informs Yuri that cats make a ‘BAA’ sound. Yuri however says that’s the sound sheep make.


Wolfram readies his sword and charges at the pirates. Yuri tells Wolfram that there were too many pirates to fight. Wolfram still insists on taking them on as more enter the room. Yuri orders Wolfram to drop his sword, which Wolfram reluctantly does.


Yuri and Wolfram and escorted on board. The captain who looks like he’s wearing a blue school girl’s uniform is telling them that all women aboard the ship will be theirs to do with as they pleased, while all children will be sold as slaves. The men however are going to be left to burn with the ship. Yuri is relived to see Conrad alive and well, for the time being.


Yuri shouts to the Captain by saying killing and enslaving these people wasn’t necessary. The Captain says they are pirates not common thieves so it doesn’t matter to them if innocent people suffer in order for them to make a living. Yuri becomes even madder when he hears Beatrice crying and screaming for her father who is trapped with the other men. Heathcrife shouts out his daughters name helplessly.


Yuri turns into the Maou and states the pirates have nothing that even resembles humanity. The Captain orders his followers to attack the Maou. Yuri however passes judgment by calling together all the garbage and refuse on the deck floor which forms a skeleton. This skeleton proceeds to attack the pirates much to the disgust of Wolfram and Conrad.


An alarm sounds as a Cimaron coast guard ship arrives to take the pirates into custody. Yuri passes out. He awakens two days later to find his head resting on Wolfram’s lap. Conrad informs him that the pirates had all been arrested by the Cimaron coast guard. However Conrad, Wolfram and Yuri had been arrested as well since they were revealed as been members of the Demon Tribe. Because the Cimeron had been at odds with the Demon Tribe for centuries.


The door to the cell opens and a very familiar looking man crawls in with Wolfram and Conrad’s swords in hand. He tells them he’s come to break them out. Yuri realizes this was the large, scary looking orange haired woman who had approached him on the night of the party. Conrad introduces the man as Yozak and that he had been following them on Gwendal’s orders. Yozak explains that he often dresses in drag for business. He also explains that he had seen Yuri in the nude. Yuri realizes that Yozak must have been the third man in the bath back at Voltaire castle. Wolfram becomes upset that Yuri had been even remotely near another naked man.


The three escape on a life boat while Conrad has to pay off a sailor to keep him from reporting them. As they row to Van Da Via Island, Wolfram starts to fall asleep which cause the boat of go in circles. In order to keep Wolfram awake, Yuri starts a ‘one, two, breath.’ Chant (Hee, Hee, Ho in subtitled version) which is joined by Wolfram and Yozak. Conrad says that’s a Lamaze breathing technique.

Episode 4

Episode 4: What’s next! The ultimate weapon


Yuri having returned to earth has started baseball again. Picking up the pendant that Conrad gave him, he looks at it fondly remembering the people he met in the other world, before putting it on.


He comes downstairs to see his mother preparing breakfast. Miko tells him that his brother had been at a party the previous night and was currently sleeping in, while his father was out golfing with clients.


Yuri contemplated asking his mother if she knew anything about his father belonging to a Demon Tribe. But decides against it since by all appearances they were a typical Japanese Family, and his mother had a rather unhealthy obsession with fantasy.


Miko then confronts her son and says she has been very supportive of what ever he does-though she wishes he would do something about his manners- but her one request is that he be an honest person. She then holds up the G-string and says she feels it’s inappropriate for a teen age boy to be wearing.

Yuri freaks and asks how she found it. Miko tells him she found it under his bed when she was cleaning his room. Yuri tells her the reasons he had it were complicated, before he can be pulled into an explanation Ken arrives to collect Yuri for baseball practice.


When Yuri leaves Miko wonders if the position of Demon King could support Yuri’s restless nature. Looking at a photo of her husband Shoma and herself she finds it hard to believe it’s been twenty years since he proposed to her.


Miko fondly remembers the day he proposed to her. The two had met for tea at a small café when he tells her he knew she was the one for him the moment he met her. He then tells her he’s a member of the Demon Tribe. Instead of being scared, shocked, or accusing him of telling her a joke, Miko asks where his wings were. She continues to say that demons have huge bat like wings which they use to travel around. Shoma says he didn’t have anything like that. Miko then suggest that maybe his wings were like angel wings, and requests to see what his children look like if he has any. But then realizes that would be rather awkward for his wife. Shouma then requests that she marry him so she can find out for herself.


Some time later their son Shori is born. Miko comments about how Shori looked like an angel, but is rather disappointed that he didn’t have any wings. Shoma tells her there really wasn’t any sort of physical difference between Demons and Humans. He then tells Miko that Bob, the Demon King of Earth had invited him to lunch. Miko asks Shoma if Bob had invited him to his castle. Shoma tells her that Bob is too busy traveling the world to spend time in a castle.


During the lunch meeting Bob introduces Shoma to Conrad Weller. Bob informs him that Conrad had a soul that was meant to be Shoma’s new son and the Future King of Conrad’s world.


Some time later Miko is in labor and tries to catch a cab, but none stop for her. She starts to have a contraction and asks Yuri to hang on a bit longer. Fortunately Conrad is riding in one taxi and manages to get to pull over and pick her up. While Miko is directing the driver to the hospital she has a contraction and worries that she would end up giving birth there in the cab. Conrad sooths her and says if things got to that he knew what do since he had been present for his brothers birth. Conrad then tells her where he comes from July is called Yuri.


When Miko gives birth she asks Shoma if their child had wings, and becomes disappointed when he doesn’t. Shoma suggests they figure out a name for their new child. Miko says their son should be named Yuri. 


When Yuri had been a child, Miko had dressed him up as a girl because she had wanted a cute son with a cute name. But as he grew older he gradually started acting like a regular boy. Yuri sneezes in reaction to his mother thinking about him.


After practice Yuri and Murata go to a public bath house to relax. When Murata steps out of the soaking tub, Yuri finds himself being sucked down the drain. Yuri ends up in a bath house in the Demon Kingdom. Looking around he see three people with long hair in the bath with him. Thinking this to be a bath for woman he apologizes and says he wasn’t there on purpose. The three long haired people it turns out were men. Two of the men rush up to Yuri and start hugging him much to Yuri’s chagrin. Gunter hears the commotion and demands they stop. The two men start to molest Gunter instead. Conrad wades into the water and helps Yuri up. When Yuri asks if they should help Gunter, Conrad says Gunter was nobly sacrificing himself for his King.


            After then confusion Conrad and Gunter give Yuri an outfit that looks like Yuri’s school uniform. Gunter explains he had studied Yuri’s garment during the days Yuri had last been with them so he had replicas made for him as needed.


            Yuri doesn’t recognize the castle in which they were located. Conrad informs him they were at Voltaire Castle. Yuri remembers Gwendal’s sir name was von Voltaire and realizes this must be Gwendal’s castle.


Gunter takes Yuri to the library and tells him there are documents that need his signature. He had already reviewed and sorted them. Gunter also tells Yuri that he may need to prepare to go to war. Yuri protest and said he vowed to end war between Humans and Demons when he became their king. Gunter challenges Yuri by asking what he would do if humans initiate the attacks. Once again Yuri insists that he is not going to declare war.


Gwendal enters the room anything but pleased to find Yuri as his unexpected nor invited guest. Wolfram is with him though the blond is more upset about the fact Yuri disappeared during his coronation, then why it happened.


Gwendal pulls out the map and says a Cavalcade was the nation showing the most signs of aggression. Conrad suggests they should ask Yuri what they should do. Gwendal is doubtful as to how effective Yuri was as a king and states that children like him had no place in such complicated affairs. Yuri states he wants to talk to the offending nation because it’s probable there was a misunderstanding. Gwendal becomes irritated enough to make a motion that looked as though he were knitting, and suggests that Yuri be taken to a guest room before he turns to leave. Yuri rushes after Gwendal angered that the older demon would brush off his suggestion as though he were a simple minded child. Wolfram and Gunter stop him knowing that messing with Gwendal was a costly mistake. A girl with long red hair appears causing Gwendal to break into a nervous sweat.


The girl introduces herself as Anissina von Karanikov. Conrad tells Yuri that Anissina was a childhood friend of Gwendal, and that she also was an eccentric inventor. Gwendal often was used as a test subject in her experiments. Anissina tells Yuri she has some inventions that could help stop some of their problems. Yuri is interested; Wolfram tries to warn Yuri not to encourage her


Unfortunately Anissina brought her inventions with her. The first invention is a gigantic fan that Anissina claims will cause a gust of air that will blow back and stop approaching ships and armies in their tracks. She has Gunter demonstrate, however he is only able to create a relaxing breeze. The next item is a seismic generator. Anissina claims that jumping on it will cause seismic vibrations so strong you would not be able to move, and also it doubles as an exercising tool. Yuri at this point is beginning to see why Gwendal is afraid of her.


Yuri starts to feel it’s hopeless. Conrad tells him not to give up because he still believed Yuri could come to the right conclusion. Yuri stands up and says he doesn’t deserve to be respected unless he shows respect to those around him by seeking their advice. Gwendal is at first is somewhat taken aback that Yuri is coming to him for advice. He tells Yuri he may have a plan, which was is to crush all interest the humans may have in seeking wars with demons. Gunter explains that there is a weapon that only be touched and used by the Demon King, the sword Morgif. Yuri mispronounces the swords name as Melgib.


Gunter explains that Morgif was last used eight generations ago. The sword has been missing ever since. Though they have learned that it was currently located on an island in the Chimeron territory, known as Van Da Via. But as the trip is too dangerous, he objects to Yuri even going. Conrad however says Yuri would have to go on the journey since he’s the only one that can retrieve it.


Yuri asks if it was like the holy swords that are featured in RPG games such as Excalibur, Orihalcon, and Ragnarok. Gwendal tells Yuri, Morgif was a Demon Sword.



Episode 3



Episode 3: Yuri Shibuya, I AM the Demon King.


Continuing from last episode, Wolfram informs Yuri that Lord Weller (Conrad) and Gwendal have gone to a nearby village because of conflict that had broken out. The two sneak out of a window under cover of darkness and are soon joined by four subordinates from Wolfram’s private army. Yuri asks if it was alright to leave without telling Gunter. Wolfram tells him there wasn’t time to do so and besides there was no way Gunter would have allowed him to head into a warzone.


The next morning Gunter is fussing about where Yuri could have gone. In the door way the three maids, Doria, Lasagna, and Sangria comment about how Wolfram was missing also and wonder if he and Yuri had eloped.


Wolfram and his companions stop on a hill crest over looking the village. The village itself is in flames. Wolfram and Yuri becomes concerned about this as it had been some time since Gwendal and Conrad had left.


Adalbert appears and places Wolfram and his followers in a magical containment spell. Adalbert mocks Wolfram for having people with him who can help, but not having the foresight to prepare for a situation like this. He then starts asking Yuri how he was able to get Wolfram to obey him since the people he normally listens to were his mother and oldest brother. Yuri demands to know how much Adalbert knew about Wolfram’s family. Adalbert says he use to be part of the Demon tribe. But he despises the Demon Tribe and so sides with the human against them. He then starts telling Yuri he was only brought to their world so he could be a patsy while the three princes plotted wars and things in secret. Wolfram manages to shout to Yuri not to listen to him and warns him that Adalbert betrayed them long ago and he was only trying to get him to follow to his side. Yuri notices that forcing himself to speak is causing Wolfram pain and tells him not to talk if it hurts. Adalbert informs them that the village was attacked by humans, not demons because the village in question sides with the Demon Tribe. And those that do that are no longer considered human. He then tells Yuri to get off Wolfram’s horse. Wolfram tells Yuri to do as Adalbert says for now and that he and his companions would return for him. Yuri does this, before Yuri grabs Wolfram’s leg and knocks it against horses side, so the animal takes that as a cue to go.


When Wolfram and his companions are out of danger, Yuri comments that Wolfram did bring someone useful with him. He then tells Adalbert he has no intention of siding with loose cannons like him. Adalbert then attempts to kill Yuri because he was too involved to be rescued now. Before Adalbert can deliver a killing blow a Kohi (Flying-bone tribe) appears and takes the blow instead. Yuri feels sorry for the unfortunate creature and is angered that Adalbert would feel so callously about what had just happened. Conrad arrives and sends his subordinates after Adalbert. Conrad hugs Yuri and asks if he’s alright. Wolfram also returns, Yuri asks him if he’s alright. Wolfram however says Yuri has no business asking him that. Conrad tells him Wolfram deserved what happened to him because he had taken Yuri out of the castle without permission. 


All the villagers have evacuated the village and the wounded are being treated in a hospital tent. Yuri see’s a green haired girl named Gizela attending to a wounded man and offers to help. The man Gizela was tending to however was one of the raiders he refuses to let Yuri touch him because he’s a demon.


Out side Yuri asks Wolfram and Conrad why humans would do things like this. Conrad reminds Yuri that there are conflicts in his world as well. Yuri does acknowledge that but he says he always thought that the reason humans and demons hate one another was like cats and dogs there were fundamental differences between them. Wolfram however states that things weren’t that simple. They had no reason to attack this village because it was on their land and sided with them. And much of the natural beauty would be destroyed if they didn’t protect it.


Gwendal walks up with a couple of his soldiers who are holding the leader of the raid prisoner. Gwendal tells them the man confessed to his deeds and that Adalbert had been the one who had instigated the raid. The man also confessed there had been an esoteric fire user in the group which is why the fire was intense. Gwendal then asks if Yuri was helping or observing. Wolfram tells his brother that Yuri’s miraculous power over water was only a stroke of luck and that he has no memory of performing it.  


Gwendal gives the criminal to the villagers to do with as they wished. Yuri steps between the two groups and states that yes what the man had done was horrible. But executing him will not solve the problem. He then says they should consider stopping the fire before punishing.


Conrad tells him that fires caused by esoteric wizards aren’t easy to put under control. They had originally suggested on heaping up soil as a way of blocking the fire. But Gwendal has said that would affect the underground and damage the forest. The only solution they have is to wait for the esoteric water user to arrive.


Wolfram asks Gwendal if this attack could be uses as a reason for declaration of war. Gwendal says yes this could be part of a reason. But the attackers were not members of the regular army, and their enemies could avoid conflict by punishing those who had participated in the raid. Yuri over hears this conversation and starts protesting how they easily they can start thinking of war rather then thinking of solutions to avoid it. Yuri then returns to the point Conrad had brought up about how there were also wars and conflicts in his planet. Yuri says yes there are issues like that, but everyone in their hearts still longs for peace.


Gwendal tells Yuri he has no place meddling in their affairs since he is not from their world and had no intention of becoming the new King. Yuri then says he will become the new Demon King in order to prevent such needless conflicts from happening.


The village burns down in a large explosion. The criminal uses the distraction by breaking free from Gwendal’s soldiers and attacking Yuri. He holds a shard of glass to Yuri’s throat and threatens to kill him if they try anything. The criminal demands a horse and that he be allowed to escape unmolested. Gwendal calmly gets off his horse and lets the criminal have it, much to Wolfram and Conrad’s dismay. The criminal demands Yuri get on the horse first when a child rushes forward and grabs the criminal’s leg knocking him down. Yuri gets thrown from Gwendals horse. Gwendal calmly tells Yuri he gave his horse up because it would obey no one but him.


Yuri notices the child lying on the ground while the criminal is being dragged away by Gwendals soldiers. Conrad tells Yuri the child hit his head rather hard when he fell. Yuri requests Gizela be sent for. The child regains consciousness and asks Yuri if he meant what he said about being the King. Yuri promises to protect them. The child asks Yuri to teach him how to play baseball sometime because he liked it when Conrad played catch with him. Yuri tearfully smiles at this and causes it to rain putting out the flames.


Sometime later Yuri is undergoing his coronation. All the kingdom stands in attendance. In accordance to the custom Yuri has to place his hand into a waterfall that stands on top of a dais in order to be coroneted as the king. Things go well at first, but Yuri suddenly feels something grabbing him and pulling him into the water fall. He yells for Conrad and Gunter to help him. Unfortunately the pull is too strong for them to stop. Yuri trousers break as he is pulled from their grasp.


Yuri comes to and finds he’s back on Earth and no time has passed since he had been to Shin Mokoku. Yuri wonders if it was a dream until he sees a gold lapel cord on his shoulder. Murata then asks about the undergarments Yuri has on. Looking down Yuri sees he’s wearing a black G-string. Proving to him that this was no dream.     

I started a KKM episode summery and discussion community, please check it out. http://community.livejournal.com/kkmtalk/435.html

When I had started watching this episode I was like…”Oh, hell no!” Like many anime plot lines such as Fushigi Yugi and Inu Yasha the main character is sent to another world in an unconventional manner. Miaka was sucked into a book, Kagome falls down a well, and Yuri is quite literally flushed down the toilet. I found it interesting that when Yuri arrives in Shin Makoku for the first time, he arrives virtually the middle of nowhere. All the other times he arrives he has appeared in a body of water. It is probable that Yuri come out of a puddle that had been on the ground or maybe appeared in a dew drop. How he arrived he probably doesn’t even know.

            After the obligatory confusion about all the places he could have ended up, he chooses to believe he’s at a Theme Park. This is where things start to veer off in a different direction then other anime of this sort. First off when Yuri tries ask one of the "friendly locals" about where he is, the local responds by looking at him as though he was a monster, then runs away screaming in some obscure language. This causes only more confusion for Yuri because he can’t understand anything any of the people are saying, though he does understand that they are frightened about something. Next of all he is met up with Adalbert von Grantz, one of the prime loose cannons of the story. Encountering someone who is an antagonist of any plot line this early in the story isn’t uncommon, but having the antagonist say things such as “I will rescue you.” Does make you wonder how his role will pan out.

            What is most interesting is that in Fushigi Yugi, and Inu Yasha both Miaka and Kagome more or less accept the fact they are no longer in their home world, or in Kagome’s case home time. And they also accept that they are meant to be and important figure in that world. Yuri on the other hand says there was nothing special about him and that where he’s from there are lots of people who have black hair and eyes. So he doesn’t see how he could be the person they wanted. Also when he is told that he is not in Japan and that everything he has encountered was real, he refuses to believe it. He even goes as far as to rattle off a list of things that it could possibly be if it wasn’t real.

            As this episode concludes it’s second half we do learn some interesting stuff that will become important as the series progresses. The most important of which is:


1.      There had been a war going on about 20 years ago.

2.      The Former regent had abused his power when he served as a temporary leader.


We are also given a first introduction to Gwendal and Wolfram, they aren’t introduced by name though their names are mentioned by Gunter when they are talking about Stoffel.  It will be interesting to see how this story pans out.


The animation veries sometimes the character design is good, other times it’s poorly done. The dub is atrocious at times, but voices do match the characters personalities for the most part. As long as the voices are true to their character that’s all that matters, at least to me.

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Pictures and Miscellaneous questions

Please don’t answer these questions. These are questions that the episode brings up that are answered over the course of the anime, some are answered in the manga and novels. Also some questions may never be answered. Imagine this is your first time encountering this series. What sort of questions does this episode bring up for you?



Who was the person in the cab with Miko?


How was Yuri literally flushed down to toilet?


Who is Adalbert?


Why was the village of Kentenow burnt down?


Why does Adalbert want to rescue Yuri?


Who is Conrart (Conrad)


Who is Gunter?


What happened 20 years ago?


Why was there a war?


Why was there an assassination plot?


Why doesn’t Conrad have the ability to do magic?


Was there a purpose in that child being conveniently there to give Yuri a bowl of water?


Why is Conrad so devoted to Yuri?


Who was the former Queen?


Who is Stoffel and why is he not highly spoken of?


Who are Gwendal and Wolfram?


What is the history of the Demon Kingdom?


Favorite Quotes

Yuri: Who am I kidding. What’s the matter with me, I can’t keep my mind off it. He’s right, I should just lay back now and party to make up for all that. (Dub)



Ken:Frankly, I don’t recall us being friends. (Dub)


Yuri: Like I haven’t heard that at least 50,000 times since I was born. If you have an issue with my name, take it up with my mom. She picked it.  (Dub)


Miko: Well I could say I had a crush on this hot plumber, or when I first married your father we had a fountain in the house. Which was supposed to be soothing, but all it made me think about was…well you-know-what. But little Yuri, that’s not how you got your name. You got that name, because when I was about to give birth in July of that year. A handsome man who shared his cab with me told me in the far off land where he came from, the month of July was called Yuri. (Dub)


Yuri: This has got to be a joke. I’m being sucked into a black hole inside a toilet. Either that or there is one gigantic vacuum cleaner down here. How is this possible? I must be the first person in history to be flushed down the toilet. (Dub)


Yuri: Wow, what on Earth happened to me? Oh yeah, I went one on one with a toilet bowl. That didn’t happen did it? Where am I? The Alps? Ugh! My arm feels yucky. Was I really flushed down the toilet? If so, is the sewage system connected to the alps? It can’t possibly be. (dub) 


Yuri: I figured it out. This must be a staged reenactment of a dual that took place during the Civil War, when they used to introduce themselves before facing each other in combat. The attractions in this theme park are so elaborate! (dub)


Conrad: Worse then that Günter, von Grantz almost took him away before I found him.


Günter You mean Adalbert? Your Majesty, did he harm you at all?


Yuri: I was about to be stoned when he showed up and squeezed my head real hard.


Günter: How horrible for you! Oh my, it just occurred to me. Why are you speaking the language of our part of the world.


Yuri: That’s weird. Your Japanese is so good, I was going to ask if you were born in Japan. 


Günter: No, this is my home.


Yuri: Here in Japan?


Conrad: Your Majesty, this is not Japan.


Yuri: I mean I just thought you were from some Provence I never visited. What? This is not Japan? Then why is everyone speaking Japanese? (Dub)


Yuri: (Stands up) Of course that’s what you say, but I’m having trouble believing it. It seems to me, this is “1-a theme park attraction” “2-a hidden camera show on T.V.,” or “3-a dream.” It’s gotta be one of those, and quite personally, I prefer number 3. (Dub)



Yuri: Well anyway there’s probably a time limit involved, and I should be able to go home after I accomplish the job you brought me here to do, right. So sure, I guess I’m in. What’s the mission? Do you want me to rescue a princess, or slay a dragon with my bare hands.


Günter: Huh? A dragon? Of course not! Because of over-hunting by humans, dragons are nearly extinct and have been placed under our careful protection.


Yuri: I see. So, I don’t get it. If dragons are protected animals, then what am I supposed to hunt down?


Günter: You’re hunting humans.


Yuri: Humans…? Just any old human?


Günter: We have to destroy all humans, those we have determined to be enemies of our country. Your Majesty, we need your power to do that. That’s why we’ve called home our Demon King.


Yuri: Wha…What did you say? You want me to destroy all humans? And who is it I’m supposed to be?


Günter: The honorable 27th king of the Demon Tribe. You are going to be the star of hope, for our future. Congratulations, sire. Today marks the beginning of your reign as Demon King.


Yuri: What?! Demon King?! (Falls over in shock.)(dub)


Conrad: If I don’t speak up for the citizens who do you suppose is going to look out for them. But I look out for you first your Majesty. My heart and my life are devoted to you.


Yuri: Thanks, but I don’t want your life or your heart. (Dub)


Günter: Welcome home your Majesty. Oh, never forget that all the world began with us! The Demon Tribe! We will prosper for eternity with the power, wisdom, and bravery that defeated the Originators. This is your country, the Kingdom of Glory. Praise be to the Great One, the first Demon King and his people. (dub)


Wolfram: Don’t tell me he’s the new Demon King? (dub)

Pairing Development



As the story has only begun there is not much development in the way of pairings. But here some of the pairings that are hinted.


Con/Yu: Conrad states his heart and life are devoted only to Yuri. That can be considered a suggestive come on. But so far it looks like an overly devoted brotherly or father/son relationship.


Yu/Ram Wolf/Yu: Obviously this pairing starts off on the wrong foot. When the two encounter Yuri is taken aback about how attractive Wolfram looks. In the dub he even says “Wow, what an impressive guy he is!” Wolfram on the other hand is less then impressed with Yuri. Though a large portion of that disappointment might have been agreement with his older brother. But look at things from Wolfram’s point of view. He grew up thinking of a king as being someone who was regal, noble, with a strong sense of justice, and who thought his people and how they could be protected.  And instead the new king is a random guy who comes racing in on a horse, screaming like a spastic moron, and then thrown on to his royal behind. That sounds more like a candidate for village idiot, then a king. So naturally one would be less then happy to learn this was to be the new king.


Gun/Yu: Even though Gunter is more of a devoted uncle figure to Yuri. This pair shows more promise then the other two pairs at this time. Gunter has enthusiastically expressed favor in everything Yuri is. Yuri on the other hand expresses his doubts as to who Gunter and Conrad are claiming him to be.  But Gunter still holds faith that Yuri will be a good king and is willing to help him become king no matter what it takes.

Character Development

Main Cast

Yuri Shibuya AKA King Yuri, Yu-chan


Age 15


Mother: Miko Shibuya AKA Jenifer, Jenifer of the Beach, and JenFen


Father: Shoma Shibuya


Siblings: Shori Shibuya (Age 20)

Birthplace: Boston, Mass, USA


Occupation: Student, 27th King of the Demon Tribe


Race: Half Human/Half Demon


Conrart Weller AKA Conrad, Lord Weller


Age: 20’s-30’s (real age unknown)


Mother: Lady Cecilie von Spitzweg, Celi (Cheri), Ex-26th Demon Queen


Father: Dan Hiri Weller (deceased)


Siblings: Gwendal von Voltaire (older half brother)


                Wolfram von Bielefelt (younger half brother)


Birth Place: Shin Makoku


Occupation: Soldier, Army Captain, Prince of Shin Makoku


Gunter von Crist


Age: 30’s-40’s (real age unknown)


Mother: Unknown


Father: Unknown


Siblings: Unknown


Birth Place: Shin Makoku


Occupation: Aid of the King, Instructor of the King, Retired Military instructor. One of the 10 nobles.


Minor characters introduced


Adalbert von Grantz


Former member of the demon tribe. Son of one of the ten nobles


Kohi (The flying bone tribe)


An enigmatic race of flying skeletons. Not much is known about them other then they are loyal to the demon tribe and serve as spies, messengers, and at times servants.


Lord Stoffel von Spitzweg.   


Older Brother of Lady Celi and former regent of Shin Makoku. Is one of the ten nobles. He is one of the people who are responsible for an atrocious war between Demons and Humans.